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Welcome to audisense, Windows Phone's first audience managing application for Twitter and Instagram! audisense provides analytics to help you better understand your audience. It takes snapshots of a your followers, followings, and media, giving insights on who engages with your posts most, who doesn't interact with the media at all, who's a new viewer of your feed, and other analytics. It also allows you to take actions right from within the app - so, if you view your top followers, you can then choose to follow this user back directly from within the app. audisense also provides useful analytics on your best posts, so you can see what works for your organization, and some statistics such as average likes and comments, allowing you to see how your audience's interactions with your media change over time and what worked well for you. FEATURES: -Smooth and intuitive user interface -Sign in with multiple Twitter and Instagram accounts -Centralized notification hub -Show new followers and unfollowers -Show inactive and overactive users you follow (Twitter) -Show top followers, worst followers, and secret admirerers (Instagram) -Show users who don't follow you back and whom you don't follow back -Show interesting statistics about your Twitter accounts -Follow and unfollow users -Tap on a user to view details about his or her profile -Open a user's profile in Twitter or instagram -Tap on a user's profile picture to view a larger version -Pin your accounts to your home screen to access them quickly! -Refresh accounts in background, updating live tiles and detailed and quick statuses on lockscreen *audisense is free to use and ad-supported. Purchase the full version through the app's settings to remove ads and unlock many new features!* Formerly known as UnfollowSpy

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Elliott Forde


Elliott Forde

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