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An educational app to teach your kids English Alphabet, Phonics, Vocabulary words and Word formation. To teach your kindergartener Letters, phonics, Word formation, Rhyming words. etc. A fun learning app to help child read and build vocabulary. Word making games not only helps the kids to improve vocabulary and spellings but also help them learn English phonetic for Alphabet and words. The interactive learning is a great mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as Kinesthetic learners (age 3-6 years). Fun way to encourage the child to learn while playing games. Features: • Ten simple & colorful games designed to help young kids learn basics of English. • An effective and engaging way, designed especially for kindergarten and Ks1 children. • Covers preliminary English precepts such as alphabet recognition, phonics, and simple words. • Core activities for foundation stage of primary and montessori school. • A common playground for randomly playing all the games. • Vocabulary Quiz • Spelling Challenges • Spelling tests • Easy and intuitive instructions for the young brains. • Rewards and appreciation to boost our champion’s morale Description: The first app in our English reading series, designed especially for young kids (3-6 age group), to lay the groundwork for learning basic skills with the help of fun activities. 9 high quality activities at a single place, each focusing on a key precept of elementary English. Funny and enticing rewards keep our young learner amused for hours while introducing them to the language. The unique interactive activities are perfect for Kindergarteners to help them learn the language in a structured way. The activities also help build their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and concentration. The activities do not force timed completion, and therefore encourage the kid to learn at his/her own pace. Kids are enchanted with the experience of the game as there is no winning and no losing. Appreciation and stars can be earned at the end of each activity. Adorable stickers can be collected after scoring enough points. ** Games are designed to enhance following skills 1. Basic Language 2. Letter recognition 3. Concentration 4. Visual perception 5. Vocabulary 6. Classification 7. Symmetry 8. Organizing 9. Memory 10. Matching 11. Attention to detail 12. Word Formation 13. Rhyming Words reading ** List of games 1. Color balls 2. Vertical match 3. Bingo 4. Odd one out 5. Crossword 6. Complete The Words 7. Rhyming words 8. Letter grid 9. Find The Rhyme 10. Hello abc Phonics 11. Match the shadow and learn Spellings ** Applications from Greysprings 1. Kids Preschool Learning Games 2. Kindergarten Kids Learning 3. Kids Preschool Numbers & Math 4. Kids Preschool Learn Letters 5. Shapes & Colors Nursery Games 6. Kids Toddler Learning Games 7. Kids Learning Word Games 8. Kids Games Learning Math Basic ** About Greysprings ** Visit us at www.greysprings.com ** Contact us: contact@greysprings.com ** Privacy 1. Privacy policy: http://www.greysprings.com/privacy 2. We do not collect any personal information about kids

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Scared some bugs away.


  • Colorful games to teach kids learning basics
  • Frequent repetition to help children learn
  • Easy to use. Kids friendly interface
  • Beautiful stickers to earn
  • Free play

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