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LOL Heads is a turn-based shoot-to-play online game based on online PVP with level exploration. Players play a variety of well-known anime and classic characters from all over the world, using the special weapons in their hands to defeat the enemy. You will encounter increasingly challenging landscapes that challenge your aiming skills. The atmosphere of the game is relaxed and humorous, and the battle is refreshing. Game features: - Multi-language configuration The game is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Thai, and Vietnamese. Players from different countries and regions meet here, what fun things will happen? - rich gameplay There are many modes of gameplay, not only the online PVP ladder competition, but also the NPC single player, the friend invites the competition, the interesting little game mode, etc., you can select the corresponding game mode in the main interface, different ways. Fight against getting different rewards. In addition, there are various types of activities in the game, such as treasure chest exploration and other content experience, directly bring you fun and relaxing —Buff blessing Each hero has a unique combat skill, or an attack burst, or an auxiliary gain, which can give you a different experience in the confrontation, so that your attack and defense can take it to the next level. - three worlds The serene and beautiful, natural and harmonious Sherwood Forest, the hot desert of cowboys and abilities, and the future of the mechanical city, people from these three places gathered together because of time and space, and began to compete for the most powerful shooters. - different ways of fighting This game is a turn-based shooting game. It has a handful of points and can be displaced during the battle.

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English (United States)
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Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional)
Español (República Dominicana)
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