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Mental Arithmetic is a fun and challenging free-to-play maths game, suitable for all ages and exclusive to the Windows 10 Platform. Choose from Random, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division and challenge your friends to try to get the highest score! With many customisable options, you are bound to be able to craft your ideal game. Become a Mental Mathematician for free! Features - A clear and colourful interface - Play with a variety of difficulties - Mix up the game with the random game mode - Easily see how long you have left - Progressively less time to answer questions This game is perfect for tutors or teachers who want to bring a modern and interactive touch to their lessons.

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Нові можливості в цій версії

- Mobile support! - Gain extra hearts by watching a video - Adjusted difficulties for multiplication/division (Hard is now more challenging!) - Number pad for smaller screen sizes (and mobile) - View high scores in options page - Added option to mute the audio - Added support link in options page - Removed banner advert on results page - Edited countdown sound effect - Minor styling and animation tweaks - Bug fixes


  • Mobile support
  • Progressively less time to answer the question
  • Clear and colourful user interface
  • Easily see how long you have left
  • Mix up the game with the random game mode
  • Just want to train? Try practice and stop hitting enter
  • Finding it too easy? Change the difficulty
  • Introductory countdown with audio
  • View results at the end of each game
  • Choose from a selection of operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division)

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Oliver Andreae

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Copyright © 2016 Oliver Andreae.


Oliver Andreae

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English (United Kingdom)

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