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“Who’s in the Mountains?” - application for early development of the smallest players. An exciting journey to the mountains, where Grandpa John together with his domestic animals helps toddlers explore the world: remember animal names and sounds, learn how to count, answer questions logically. CONSISTS OF: ● interactive story “Who’s in the Mountains?”; ● mini game “Animal Puzzle”; ● mini game “Count us!”; ● mini game “Feeding Time”. FEATURES: ● very simple controls and UI adapted for toddlers; ● original graphics and animations, all characters are animated with sound; ● Carpathian story is presented as a dialog between mother and child; ● some phrases are voiced by children; ● “parental control” feature - ability to limit the play time, all characters go to sleep when the time is out; ● possibility to download and print different creative materials with game characters: http://nravokids.com/nravky. Try "Who’s in the Mountains?", enjoy playing and learning! ABOUT US. Nravo Kids is a cooperative project of Nravo company (international mobile game developer) and active Ukrainian parents, who feel the lack of high-quality learning programs for early child development. LIKE US: https://www.facebook.com/nravokids.community VISIT US: http://nravokids.com WATCH US: https://www.youtube.com/user/NravoKids

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Thank you for all your comments! Your constant feedback inspires us to create new projects and improve existing ones. Here is a new version of our application, which was created thanks to your support! Let’s enjoy: 1. A new mini game “Count us!" - learn how to count to 10; 2. A new mini game “Feeding Time” - learn what different animals eat and feed them; 3. Improved functionality: ● A new version of the soundtrack for "Who in the mountains?" - higher quality and louder; ● Ability to disable voice support in all mini games; ● "Multi-touch" support (ability to keep playing even in case of accidental clicks); ● Exit to the main menu is protected from accidental clicks (double click is required).

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