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Xprivate MP provides you better password-protection to your images, videos, music and documents. are you looking for an app to add note to files or add diary to your images on your device or your Microsoft OneDrive account or your Dropbox account ? welcome Xprivate MP. New in this version( * Some improvement FEATURES: * Protect private image, video, music and document * Switch on XOneDrive and Explore in your OneDrive account and add note to files and diary to images. access your notes and diaries on any other devices, You just need Xprivate MP. * Switch on XDropbox and Explore in your Dropbox account and add note to files and diary to images. access your notes and diaries on any other devices, You just need Xprivate MP. * Switch on Xexplorer and explore in Picture Library, Music Library and Video Library of your device * Slide show support view your private images in a slide show within the app * Add note or comment to each file you would like Easily right tap or right click on each file and add note. it will be saved permanently * Add diary to your private images Easily right tap or right click on each image file and add diary. it will be saved permanently * Play music with app's music player Xprivate has a nice music player. hide or show music control. music control supports next, previous, pause, play, stop, repeat, shuffle and mute. * Car mode music player for phone device * Control and play music in the background * Play video with app's video player Xprivate has a nice video player. navigate from all videos in a folder within video player easily. * Import pdf, text, excel, word and power point files to document library * Create new folder Inside each folder you can create new folder(s). each category(image, video, music, document) has special image cover * Move, copy and delete Select file(s) and move or copy them to another folder or delete. * Share your files * Find location of images on the map * Search Capability * Restore files choose a folder and restore selected files. when you restore files, that files wont be available in the app anymore * Customize appearance Change the app's theme and color of thumbnails. you can deactivate password requirement for the app. also you can change password whenever you want. Warning: Uninstalling or deleting the app will delete all the files and cannot be recovered. Note: We guarantee you that all your files are stored in your system. we do not have any access to them.

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Mehrdad Pakbaz

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©2017 Xprivate MP

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