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Rs 1,349.00

تنصیب کے لیے منتظم کی منظوری درکار ہے۔ کم از کم درکار کردہ OS: Windows 10 مئی 2019 تازہ کاری۔سسٹم کی ضروریات دیکھیں

Rs 1,349.00

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You are a parent and you are trying to relax a little by playing your favorite game. Your child keeps asking you to let them try it… But this game is not suitable for children (because it’s a little scary and not educational at all). Does this situation sound familiar? At last: a well thought-out, smart, polished, ‘console quality’ educational game pack is out for your kids. Suitable for boys and girls from ages 3 to 18. A pack of 21 different games with 51 variations that educate in various ways like: reflexes, logic, math, memory and knowledge. Keep track of your child's progress with our statistics. All games have easy-to-learn controls with interesting and fun things to do. At last, a pack of games designed to educate and make your children smarter. The game runs natively in 4K@120FPS/60FPS. What's included in this Educational Games pack: 1) Reflex: Riding a tricycle. (Ages: 3-4) 2) Reflex: Riding a scooter. (Ages: 5-7) 3) Reflex: Riding a bike. (Ages: >8) 4) Logic: Jigsaw puzzles with four variations. (Ages: >3) 5) Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with many variations. (Ages: >6) 6) Knowledge: World Geography of Countries/States plus capital cities. Huge game that includes all the world. (Ages: >11) 7) Knowledge: World Flags. Another huge game with many variations. (Ages: >11) 8) Memory: Sharpen your child's memory. Three difficulty variations. (Ages: >3) 9) Logic: Mazes. Find your way out the maze. Five difficulty variations. (Ages: >3) 10) Just for Fun: Dress up a girl just for fun. (Ages: 3-5) 11) Just for Fun: Color many sketches just for fun. (Ages: 3-5) 12) Logic: Categorize the animals, birds and fish. (Ages: 3-5) 13) Logic: Categorize the colors of the objects around you. (Ages: 3-5) 14) Logic: Categorize the shapes of the objects around you. (Ages: 3-5) 15) Knowledge: Get to know the sound each musical instrument makes. (Ages: >6) 16) Logic: Learn how colors are mixed. (Ages: >6) 17) Logic: Build IQ by understanding patterns. (Ages: >4) 18) Logic: Is it a toy or is it food? Simple and fun game for young children. (Ages: 3-4) 19) Logic: Match the shape to its identical hole. (Ages: 3-4) 20) Knowledge: Learn and hear the number from 1 to 20 by popping balloons. Translated professional speech in eight languages included. (Ages: 3-4) 21) Hidden Dragon Game. Needs all games completed with 3 stars to unlock! (Ages: >4)

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--- 1.3.0 --- * Added Korean! (This is a major update. If you have 'Xbox One' cloud saves from a previous version please update the game and run it once so the saves can be migrated to all the platforms) * Added Cross-Buy game-bundle with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. * Xbox Live account is needed now. Cross-Play with cloud progress. * Xbox Achievements in all 3 platforms. * Added Xbox Series X|S native version with 120FPS@4K. * Added Windows PC[1] native version with 120FPS@4K. * Added Gamepad & TouchScreen support at PC version (Xbox & Playstation). * Added 3 languages: Japanese, Dutch, Flemish. * Fixed bug with button not working when many gamepads are connected. * Major game engine update. * Bugs fixed in Geography. * Other bugs fixed. [1] This Windows PC version will replace the existing UWP Windows version soon. All customers that have already purchased UWP version are entitled a new free version of this bundle that includes the Xbox versions too. Please write to our support for the switch.


  • 4K 2D Cartoon - 4K@120FPS* (Xbox Series X & PC) / 4K@60FPS (Xbox One & PC) [* Requires >= 120Hz TV/Monitor & 2.1 HDMI]
  • 21 different games with many variations designed to make your children smarter.
  • Suitable for boys and girls, even from very young ages i.e., 3-18.
  • Focuses on many areas like: reflexes, logic, math, memory and knowledge.
  • Statistics included to see your child’s progress.
  • A hidden dragon game ready to be unlocked by completing a task.
  • Budget price.
  • Many interesting Achievements.

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Windows 10 آلہ میں S-موڈ میں نصب نہیں کیا جا سکتا


Windows 10 PC پلس پر انسٹال کریں جب آپ اپنے Microsoft اکاؤنٹ سے منسلک ہوجاتے ہیں تو اس تک رسائی حاصل کریں۔ تنصیب کے لئے منتظم کی منظوری درکار ہے۔

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