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You can find small-scale, quiet camping grounds in 27 European countries with the ACSI Great Little Campsites app. Even without an internet connection! Try out the ACSI Great Little Campsites app for free with 25 selected campsites in the Dordogne. You can then purchase the details of all (2050) campsites in the app for € 2.99. You will purchase access for one year. You can get free updates during that year. ACSI has selected and inspected small, intimate campsites with a maximum of 50 pitches. Detailed information is available for all camping grounds; all amenities, guide prices, opening dates and GPS coordinates. The campsite information is split into 9 useful country packages. You can decide for yourself which country packages in the app you want to use and download. In this way you can save space on your device! All the advantages one by one: • It also works without internet! Map resources, campsite detail and photos are always available. • Now you can leave a campsite review in the app yourself. Even without internet access! The app saves the review until there is an internet connection. • Share campsite information with family or friends via e-mail or social media. • Useful search filters. You can filter by 150 amenities, by guide price and by opening dates. The app stores your filters, but of course you can delete them or set them as non-active. • Search by country, region, town or campsite name. You can search using more than 500,000 references. • Find campsites in the area. You can do this using location identification or set your location manually on the map. • Add campsites to your favourites. • Read campsite reviews from other campers. • Plan your route. • Phone or mail the campsite with a tap on the screen. Or check out the campsite’s website first. Campsite information is based on the inspection during spring or summer of the previous year. Attention; using the GPS function may drain your battery faster.

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ACSI Publishing BV

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2016 - ACSI Publishing BV

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