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Angry Stickman Warrior has arrived in 2017 to show power and dominate all other little poor stickman stickmen in city. In this unique experience, you're an angry Stickfighter ready to mark your territory and defend your honor and to dominate in stickman city and start war with your rival bad guys with your outstanding and lethal combat abilities and weaponry for destruction. Dominating entire city would not be easy, you do not only have to beat bad guys but you have to make them example for others wall smash kill the stickman. This is the Ultimate Warrior game to stick series. Definitely start war with foes zoals thugs, gangsters, and thieves who do not pay you. Wipe the city of These criminals demolish Their hideouts as well as Those Who dare get in your way, like stickman cops and other rival warriors stick in Angry Stick Warrior 2017 . The spectacular return in Stickman Revenge series Toppled the international gaming market. Stickman sin not worries him so do not be a stickman killer. Angry Stick Warrior in 2017, arrived in the stickman stickman sin city. Criminals have dominated the entire city. They Threaten civilian stickmen if They do not pay them on time. Now another stickman started to Appear on the scene, he is in pursuit to control all crimes in the city. Now it's upon you, how you want it to play Either bad guy or a good guy. Angry Stick Warrior 2017 Features: • Fixed 3D urban environments to explore • Amazing fighting tricks, weapons to kill them all • Advance Weapons bulletin stickman hand • Powerful and cool looking warrior stickman • Amazing attack and combat animations • Smooth, easy, addictive gameplay With our continuing success of the Stickman games, this new game is impressive with absolute contrast. Smash cars and demolish buildings! Use Mega Combo Attack and Attack to deplete your enemies' energy levels. Achieve maximum destruction, but make sure to protect yourself from damage rival! Use your karate, kickboxing and MMA skills to take Those villains down!

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  • 3D urban environments, Amazing fighting tricks, Advance Weapons bulletin, Powerful and cool looking warrior stickman, Amazing attack, combat animations, Smooth, easy, addictive gameplay

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Cipher Coders

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Cipher Coders

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