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On various requests of users and success of Army Shooter Force we are pleased to announce that Army Shooter Force 2 is on the Windows and Windows Phone store now. Army Shooter Force 2 is a commando assassin attack on target marines. Shoot targets and escape the region. Invaders have captured some area of our valleys and mountains. And continuously strike your army assassin commando shooter. Strike with army force. Third person shooter jump from military helicopter in invaders area and dense jungle. Be careful. Jungle is occupied with brutal enemies. Take heavy metal military gun and start eliminating target soldiers. You must survive. Enemy squads are in jungle’s hidden spots. They are continuously patrolling. Army Shooter Force 2 offers thrilling military assassination in different environments. Every mission has its own objectives. You have to complete the objectives to finish the mission. You are equipped with high caliber rifle. Aim your targets precisely to successfully complete your objectives and missions. You are deployed by a chopper to complete your mission. The enemy is planning to attack your homeland borders. You must defeat your enemies or they will succeed in invading you homeland. Observe their patrol. Having limited amount of bullets you have to take perfect shots. Attack enemy barracks and honor homeland. Shoot enemy soldiers. You’re trained for these challenging survival missions. On completion of objectives and missions your helicopter comes back for your extraction. Jungle has dense trees and cold weather. Be attentive on every step to spot rivals. They can be in front of you or behind you. Soldiers can be even hiding in their barracks or building. They are attentive and they know your plans. Soldiers are patrolling near barracks to spot and strike you down. Watch out before you step forward in this battlefield. Army Shooter Force 2 is bundled with new multiple levels and different environments. All levels are challenging and fun to play. Optimized for mobile and tablet devices. The game has 3D graphics and realistic gameplay. Sound effects are thrilling. We hope you have lots of fun playing this game. Kindly rate us and send us your reviews. Thank you. For PC Users: Press M key to Mission Objectives

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*** Bugs Fixed *** Memory Optimization

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  • Third Person Shooter
  • New controls
  • New Maps
  • New Environments
  • New Exciting Features
  • New Missions
  • New Objectives

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Uk Arts Games

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UK Arts Games

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Uk Arts Games

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