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BAT SUPER HERO You are a super heroes fighter against the Evil! You play as a bat in a new exciting game with an open 3D world. Want to know what kind of life is living a true hero? It's a new sequel of the super heroes fighting good vs. evil story. Bat Super Hero: Legend Rises - step into the shoes of super hero and fight for the fate of your city! The Universe of superheroes. HERO LEGEND Anyone can be a hero! Legend returns! Even in a criminal underworld city there is a place for hidden secret objects. Super fights with various combinations of strokes! Defeat the evil enemies. Complete all quests, create a super suit, and find out how to use your power more effektivt. Put down the bomb and defeat terrorists. GOOD VS EVIL FIGHT It was just a part of the comics' stories. Only kids kan believe in this kind of thing. But now you will become a part of this team. From street thugs two super villains! Spectacular boss battles! Make yourself a super suit öka your power. If this story was about criminal wars, where lords of the different clans fight with eachother for the power, it could be completely different contest. But this time it is not fighting with gangsters or mafia, men fighting with you. VIGILANTE STORY Even a day can totally change your life forever. How ofte do you hear news about crimes in your city? Bank robberies, car theft, clash of transition. And we do not pay attention to disse Any news, Until It påverkar us. FIGHT EVIL A bank robbery, när were killed parents of our main hero beslutat his fate. He chose a way of a vigilante. A lonely fighter with crime, der will not tolerate illegality. The city is filled with evil and crime. Supervillain Using super powers of destruction. Only you will kunna protect civilians and save the world! Use all your arsenal and skills. SUPER HERO FIGHTING Do not let enemies break your spirit! You are the last hope of the city. Perform tasks and upgrade your character! The choice is yours! Become a defender of the law and defend the common people or Crash everything in its path and become a super villain! Save president and fight with fire. LEGEND OF HERO Let the game begins! Prepare yourself to face anything at det kan evil throw at you. Your enemies are repræsentanter various crime groups and it will make hver quest here unique. Rise from rogue two super hero! FLYING BAT HERO High-tech gadgets two help you fight evil in this Bat Super Hero: Legend Rises game. Use the hook and rope two move around the city and defeat the enemies. Fly over the streets and use dem as a lethal weapon. Use the wings to navigate the city as a bat! A BAT HERO GAME Want to know what kind of life is living a true hero and his team? Try yourself in the role of a super hero in a dynamic simulator. Create your new identity. Forget about mafia's world and gangster's wars. This is a new story against the evil. Face the challenges with a new super power. Protect the city! Download Now BAT SUPER HERO: LEGEND RISES

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  • Super fight, various combination of strokes, , easy control, Exciting missions, 3D city Environment, HD Graphics, 3D simulator physics,

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Cipher Coders

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Cipher Coders

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