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Bookviser Reader is a highly customizable eBook reader with easy access to thousands of free books ★ Simple and clean interface ★ Realistic page turning animation ★ Over 4 million users from over 150 countries ★ No ads! Features: ✔ FORMATS: fb2, ePub, txt ✔ CUSTOMIZATION * set color themes for day and night * set font type and size * adjust margins and line spacing * select page turning animation for landscape and portrait modes * add/remove on-page indicators (battery, time, page number and reading progress bar) ✔ "QUICK SETTINGS" MENU * easily adjust brightness while reading * easily switch between day/night mode * block/unblock automatic screen orientation * set font size on the go ✔ EASY ACCESS TO BOOKS * search and download books from integrated public catalogs – Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Smashword * easily connect other public OPDS catalogs * download books from browser * import your own books from your OneDrive or Bookviser account * import from SD card * import from file system ✔ WORK WITH TEXT * create bookmarks * copy, translate and share snippets of text * look up word definition * make highlights and notes ✔ LIBRARY MANAGEMENT * group books by authors and genres * sort alphabetically or by the date they were last opened * create custom categories ✔ SYNC and BACKUP (requires free sign up to Bookviser.com) * synchronize your reading in Bookviser ebook reader across multiple Windows devices * set automatic backup for books, bookmarks, notes and highlights ✔ OTHER FEATURES * text to speech support * transparent tile support * pin book to home screen support * footnotes support * image support (tap to enlarge) * portrait and landscape mode * search in OPDS catalog * book navigation via table of content and word search Premium features: Text to Speech, Multi Color Highlighter, Notes, Vintage Paper, Custom Textures, Custom Categories, Themes dedicated to different genres (Detective, SciFi, Fantasy, etc). We appreciate your feedback! Help us make the book reader you’d like: share your thoughts in reviews, submit your ideas, questions or concerns to facebook.com/Bookviser or follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/Bookviser for support please email us at: support@bookviser.com

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Copyright © 2015, Bookviser Inc.

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