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For Smartphone Lovers. cellphone app is a smartphone companion, using this you can get your self updated will all the latest stuffs in smartphones including all Mobile OS like Android, Windows, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian. See specs and reviews of smartphones launched by major brands. The app has unique features like, 1. Live Tiles (Experimental and Beta) 2. Toast Notifications (Experimental and Beta) 3. Universal app that works on both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. 2. Only app that provides latest price information 3. Uses both the offline and online contents. 4. Once contents are retrieved it is stored in your device and no need for internet connection. 5. Text resize option. 6. Listen to your smartphone news. 7. Very stable with less crashing. The app provides following information, 1. Details about the phones of various brands and OS • Windows Phone • Nokia Asha Phone • Nokia Feature Phones • Nokia Rumored Android Phones • Nokia-X Phones • Android Phones • Blackberry • iOS 2. Covers most brands like • Microsoft • Nokia • Google • HTC • Motorola • Micromax • Samsung • Sony • LG • Intex • Huawei • Acer • Lava • Xiaomi • Xolo • ZTE • Apple • BlackBerry • Lenovo • Asus • and many coming soon 3. Know latest unboxing and review videos from world's leading expert. 4. Only app that provides free technical support via email. 5. Know latest news from various best news source via full text RSS reader. 6. Exclusive details of Lumia denim and Windows 10 news. 7. See which phones are coming. 8. Which rumoured device is coming. Well space is limited, check the app and see most exciting features. Note : To get the updates information the app need to connect to internet (3G recommended). NO APP IS EVER PERFECT UNLESS WE WILL GET THE VALUABLE FEEDBACK FROM YOU.. PLEASE RATE THIS APP AND PROVIDE THE FEEDBACK TO MAKE IT BETTER. Team cellphone Gupta Information Systems

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Gupta Information Systems

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Copyright © 2016, Gupta Information Systems

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Gupta Information Systems

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The information provided by the app may not accurate and are applicable to human error during development. The app never asked any personal information from any of the app user. The app provides contents that are freely available in the world wide web on various websites like smartphone manufacture and other websites that are providing information also. The provides service like asking problem via email and giving solution. The user of the app will have to try and implement the solution by his own will and guarantee. The company is not responsible for any loss or damage during that. The company also is not applicable to pay any refund during app purchase.

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