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The City of New York is under attack and the terrorists have taken control of the City and are shooting innocent people. As per the latest reports, more than 10 people have lost their lives in recent shooting. They have threatened to shoot the hostages if there conditions are not met in 24 hours. From the recent shooting video footage, it can be seen that all terrorists are trained shooters and also have a sniper in their team too. The situation is getting more complicated as the time is passing by. It has been finally decided to send out the most advanced cop unit to take out the terrorists. You are the master assassin in the team and you have been contracted to eliminate the ground terrorists so that the remaining cops can enter the building to rescue the hostages. The shooting is intense in the captured area. Take your Sniper rifle and kill all the enemies ★★★ MISSION TYPES★★★ ◆ Attack - kill enemies ◆ Run - shoot running enemies ◆ Waves - defeat waves of enemy's attack ◆ Survive - survive hot shooting battle ★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★ ◆ First Person Shooting ◆ Real Sniper Shooting ◆ Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence) ◆ 3D Graphics, Interactive Sound Effects ◆ Amazing Levels with Different Shooting Tasks ◆ Realistic 3D shooting and effects ◆ Training level - here you can develop your shooting skills

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Data Arc

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Data Arc

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