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Craft Subway Surf is minecraft endless runner game in 3D block world of famous game Minecraft! Surf, run and jump over obstacles in endless minecraft world craft world! Run through a long minecraft town to collect rows of golden coins, number of special items such as Hoveboard along your running lane. Beware! Do not crash any obstacles unless the game will stop. The classic style endless running game that always gives you a big fantastic mincraf fun. if you like crafting and building games like MineCraft , Block Craft 3D , Planet Craft and WorldCraft 2 and Exploration Craft, you will definitely love this endless subway surfers game! Craft Subway Surfers 3D is a wonderful 3D Run Game. This is a unique crazy run game filled with fun and entertainment for the subway Surf lovers. It's an adventurous gameplay to run in the subways and collect all the coins to unlock new levels. If you are a good runner, then this is the best place for you to score & get rewards. Challenge your friends to compete with you to collect coins & win cool surprises which are just waiting for you all. Craft Subway Surfers Features: - FREE Run Game to play - Unlock & play all levels - Colorful HD graphics - Run & Collect coins to win - Challenge your friends to compete - Unlimited surprises waiting for you - Awesome 3D Minecraft theme with subway surfers theme Run along the craziest scenarios in the Subway City. Drag to jump or slide and to move left or right. Avoid hitting trucks, buses and subway trains. Run around the city, subway, forest, beach, tuner and gather as many as the coins you can. Play for FREE this exciting runner game! Craft Subway Surfers as fast as you can dodge the oncoming trains The most excited city subway themed runner game, escape from the police officer, run as fast as you can. Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump in the sky to obtain more coins, excited slide to safety in mindcraft block world ! Disclaimer: This game is not associated with Minecraft , Minecraft PE , Minecraft pocket edition. This is not official product company Mojang

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