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Humanity is on the brink of extinction again. Zombies are attacking our planet and only you can save it. In our game Dawn of the Undead, you will find gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse. Do everything to survive - move quickly, protect yourself by any means necessary, shoot clearly at the target and prevent the apocalypse. You have to go through various missions with different options for events, it all depends on your actions. Let the battle begin! "BRIDGE" MISSION The zombies have already destroyed the bridge, your goal is to get to the other side of the bridge by all means. To do this, you can kill all the zombies in your path or dodge them without killing. CHOICE OF WEAPON Each new level opens up more weapons for you - a crowbar, pistol, grenade, machine gun, axе, shotgun, rifle, flamethrower, grenade launcher and much more. "HOUSE" MISSION Your companion is in danger, you need to save him from the clutches of treacherous monsters or kill him. The choice is yours. Use weapons and techniques to kill everyone in your path. "LABYRINTH" MISSION BY PREMIUM ACCESS Find a way out of the labyrinth, before the poisonous gas is released to destroy the undead. Dawn of the Undead game features: -first person shooter -intense gameplay with stunning visuals -music and sounds creating a fearing atmosphere -bonus level "Survival Mode" - stay alive as long as you can!

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JSC Playnesis

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