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Explore the dungeon and find the exit. As an special secret agent we are on the mission to guide through 25 levels using the orb. Try to aim with the "mouse" or the "finger"at those spots where you want to get in stealth mode. The darkness is our best friend. Dungeon Quest Hunter is an entertaining Windows game that has you playing the role of Agent Stephen Karsch. His mission is to navigate the various gaming levels and find evidence that will help him send a collection of wanted criminals to the big house. The game includes dozens of levels filled with traps and goons to avoid, as well as switches to open secret doors that will lead you to the next level. Movement is somewhat unique in that your Secret Agent moves around by magically teleporting himself around the game. The goal of Dungeon Hunter Quest is to work your way to the exit door of each level, collecting evidence and avoiding any goons that may appear. Movement is controlled by tossing a magic orb and having your Secret Agent teleport to where the orb lands. You can use your mouse or touchpad to control aiming your throw and teleporting.

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ONESOFT - Play Best Action Adventure Games

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