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Hello Fiero enthusiast! Have you ever forgotten a useful store or site that you wanted to use again in the future? Then this app is just what you need. The Fiero app comes preloaded with many fundamental Fiero related websites in 4 sections; Forums, Stores, Info Sites and General auto. You may also add your own sites to the list to ensure that you do not lose it! Next time you find that super helpful tutorial on installing bigger brakes or a forum page where someone is selling the hard to find dew wipes, don't lose it before you get around to the project. Simply add it to your Fiero app, and when the time comes to do that project or buy that part, you'll know exactly where to go! Your saved links are also available across Windows 10 devices as long as you are signed in with your Microsoft account on that device and have the Fiero app installed. So if you added sites on your PC and want to access them via your Windows Phone or tablet, no problem. Furthermore you can store all your Fieros (and other cars) and info in the Garage page so that you can easily find and remember any details about your Fieros.

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GGG Development

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All Fiero Logos used are a registered trademark of GM, Pontiac and Fiero.

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Included sites are not partners with the app or related in any manner. The app is not responsible for any data on the sites, nor the sites responsible for the app.

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