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Changing the way you build start with FINALCAD, the leading mobile construction app for the field used on more than 100.000 construction sites over the world. You make a building, an infrastructure, an energy network or operate a concession? You are a site manager, an architect, a contractor or a property owner? Using FINALCAD you’ll get better processes, collaboration and insights on your structural work and architectural work progress to finally make better buildings at lower cost. Our mobile apps are available for all mobile devices & operating systems and come with great analytics tools. # CORE FEATURES . Create project and upload blueprints (2D and 3D) . Collaborate with all stakeholders . Structural work progress . Architectural work progress . Pin and solve issues on your blueprints . Complete issues with a comment, photo, blueprint extracts, date, annotation . Create work package, organization and recurring observations . Manage and use control sheets . Powerful multi-filter by organization, status, date or author . Get automatic reports by email in PDF or Excel . BIM friendly # FREE Users . Add and edit your plans as an image file or PDF . Define zones on your plan . Store all your projects on your device . Navigate between your construction sites . Create your punch list using comments, deadlines, photos, blueprint extracts, annotations . View, filter and monitor your issues for a zone (or the entire construction site) . Solve issues with a single tap . Send reports by email with all details: plans, markers, lists and photos . Single device (smartphone or tablet) . Single level project # PLUS Users . Your project saved in cloud with automatic syncing . Unlimited projects and zones . Support via email Our PLUS offer is at 4,99€ per month. Price may vary slightly by location. # PRO OFFER . Customize your workflow validation with user parameters . Create and modify the library of trades, businesses and issue templates . Create quality control processes . View the overall progress of installations and validations week by week . Multi-Level projects . Multi-Devices and available on every app platform . Multi-Users . Support via Phone, email and chat You can contact us via our website to get a quote for our enterprise PRO offer. + AND MORE . Quality Management . Health, Safety & Environment . Delivery Management . Supply Chain Management # Your feedback . Contact us at support@finalcad.com to share your thoughts and tell us which feature you’d like us to prioritise. . If you like FINALCAD, rate the app. It matters to us!

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Knowledge Corp

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Knowledge Corp 2016

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