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Build reputation of real gangsta in the criminal empire of town gangster the mafia game. Being a MMA fight crime simulator you have to put up your offense within this mafia city. The streets of crime city are full of Gangs, Mobsters, Cops, and other Scums. As a Godfather Gangstar, Develop your gangsta, mafia war team mobsters in this vendetta crime gangs fully action packed and shooting game in a single touch. In this third-person shooting game, you play as a rising RPG MMA grand champion in this American grand Gangster games. The area where criminal, theft, chase racing car, assassination and sin are at the peak, your duty is that you must have your RPG & MMA arsenal and be a part of mafia war shooter forever. The action in this underworld gang boss crime simulator gangster game is involved shooting and killing your enemies. This gangsta game is awesome not only for the shots of your MMA weapon but the way you can kill mafia family.Godfather Roll up in pimped gangsta racing cars wheels and chase Police officers kill him and conquer the criminal underworld in these auto cars theft gangsters of the 3d open world mafia war. A mobster gang war is started b/w crime mafia family you are appointing as RPG Gangstar to destruct ruthlessly the downtown city of San Andreas by shooting, killing, take revenge from your openworld ganglord and commit of his murder. Gangster Story: Underworld Criminal Empire Mafia is the new open world action adventure gangster game with amazing stunning graphic and smooth gameplay. Play as a real gangster in city full of sin and crimes. The mafias and thugs are in the casino. Do epic crimes like robbery, terrorize the city, and escape from police. Drive the car fast, fight to defeat the other gangsters to prove yourself the boss of all. Kill your rivals, complete the challenging missions and rule the criminal city. Do you have enough spirit to become the real Gangster? This gangsta game has a lot of challenging missions and a variety of interesting features. These features make this MMA action godfather game quite unique, fun and addictive. Download and play this openworld GvG game, to uncover the underworld mafia, the black money dealers and gangsters. Stealing Auto cars, evade the city cops, racing cars through streets, killing and shooting down another gang mafia to become a criminal legend. Stoy line of Gangster Story: Gangster Story: Underworld Criminal Empire MafiaA On Friday around 3 PM Alexander Sean Receives a call from a Nurse from Hospital about his daughter death due to the accident (Friday 18th November 2018 at 2 PM). Being a single father of a daughter, her daughter was everything for him. Alexander calls his legal lawyer and friend, George. Informs him about his daughter died due to the accident and informs him about her funeral. One Day at 10: am, Alexander Receives a call from an anonymous number that changes his life forever.

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  • • Openworld Gangster Game • Analyze crime scene • Unique Mixture of Car Racing, and shooting • Team up of Mobsters, Gangsters from openworld • FPS gameplay with stunning 3D Graphics

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Jaingo Games

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