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Take your monster truck driving and stunt performance to the impossible extreme and challenging tracks and levels, drive the great 4x4 trucks on world’s most dangerous impossible tracks hanging and suspended above the ground. Gear up for the grand furious survival race. This fast crazy monster wagon with parkour speed stunts will give you an adrenaline rush on the rugged tracks, perform daredevil aerobatics, massive crazy jumps and insane hurdles and obstacles with awesome tricks. Go for the smasher speed, gigantic leaps and over loops with adventure and thrill surely designed for the indestructible gigantic 4x4 HGVs. Survive the most stimulating treacherous heavy duty 4x4 monster automobile destruction speed stunts arena. Select your favorite beast jeep or SUV auto to perform reckless maneuvers on this extreme racing drive and impossible tracks, buckle up avoid dangerous obstacles in this amazing and legendary wipe out extreme 4x4 crazy monster truck destruction racing simulator game. Experience driving beast wagons and get some rally racing proficiency as it needs tough nerves and strike to hold this huge mega 4 wheelers to test on the rigs. This adventure is surely designed for an insane trucking experience. Start engines and drive the amazing grand mammoth automobiles with mega bumpy 4x4 wheels through death-defying tracks and paths, show off the extreme daredevil parkour racing stunts. Tap nitro button to boost speed or to make nitro flames, go onto the crazy heights and grand paths, you are one of the best furious driver among your rivals with specialty of performing drifting and crashing in this auto action, beat the time and obstacles as they are your biggest enemies tighten your seat belts and go on the grand ride. Crash and smash against the iron barriers with mega monster 4x4 off roader, start the drive of your lifetime on the suspended impossible steel and iron ramp tracks, be the best racer and driver of these impossible tracks while performing heart throbbing aerial tricks in a furious grand muscle monster truck speed stunts with lighting fast speed, drifting and clashing through the rugged steel platform, this auto action packed simulator will take to you new heights while cruising the way to the end point. Perform high jumps on colossal ramps; accelerate through fiery hoops; avoid deadly propellers; knock down and smash obstacles, get dash and race like the lighting bullet speed and tricks, be fast, quick and furious against your rivals, extensively use the nitrous to perform mega leaps, roll up through ricochet and treacherous loops battle through broken bridges and whirlpool, use the high speed of 4x4 furious monster cars with strong hold on breaks on the edges of roads. Get into the destruction mode and perform amazing adventures and stunt adventure on sky bridge, be fearless legend in parkour style duty driver of this monster vehicle. Get your monster vehicle checked by the best automobile mechanic before starting the driving test, you’re your off road automobile to the nearest workshop garage for a maintenance check-up with the best jet car and enormous truck mechanic for finest tune-up tune for top speed, acceleration, tires, suspension and parkour stunts. Drag and drift onto the ridged impossible iron tracks in extreme race dashing and clash with your rivals over speed in a mix of high-octane endless racing daredevil aerobatics. Steer grand wheel of racing vehicles, perform amazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around the amazing roadways and Jump over thrilling obstacles and speed through terrifying loops in massive vehicles and perform gut wrenching stunts. Monster truck driving on impossible tracks is a new experience precision driving simulation for your amazing adventure.

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Lingo Games

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Lingo Games

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