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Create Point of Sales, Purchase Order, Invoices, manage your expenses and cash flow, and view your sales profit. Get Kite POS and manage your small and medium business with this easy to use accounting app. Manage your business while you are on the go with Kite POS for your mobile device. Reconcile, send invoices, create expenses with this easy to use mobile app. WHAT IS KITE POS Kite POS is a online financial accounting software designed for small and medium business. Easy to use, Kite POS uses the best of the web and mobile and desktop to allow businesses to manage their finances anytime, anywhere. It helps to send sales and purchase orders and invoices and estimates, track expenses & receipts, manage inventory, view & send various financial reports and much more. It is a cloud based accounting package which helps you to automate your company business and manage financial accounting. You do not need to be an accounting expert to keep your small business bookkeeping done, Kite POS does it for you. BENEFITS Visibility of all your bank accounts, credit card and PayPal balances, outstanding invoices, expense claims, reports and contacts. Easily track accounts, invoices, and expenses Expense reports done in a flash. Simply upload photographed receipts. On the spot invoicing and billing. Create, approve and send invoices directly from your mobile device. Additionally, you will always be able to see where your business stands with 50+ financial reports available. CREATE PROFESSIONAL INVOICES AND GET PAID QUICKLY This invoice generator allows you to track invoices sent, so you always know who owes you and who has paid you. Get paid faster by bank transfer Easily create an invoice and keep track of it with our invoice management tools. Create great-looking, professional invoices and get paid faster using the app. DASHBOARD BUSINESS INSIGHTS View your profit and loss to see what you are making and spending, and view your account balances Categorize your monthly expenses to make them easier to track. All your open and overdue sales and purchase orders, invoices are displayed for easy cash flow management. YOUR DATA SAFE WITH US All of your information is automatically synced in cloud and available on your mobile phone, tablet and computer. With Kite POS all your data is saved in the cloud. We use the high enterprise grade security with encryption. So if your phone or tablet ever gets lost or stolen, all your information remains completely safe. REPORTS View various financial accounting reports (Trial Balance, P&L A/C, Trading A/C etc.) which are automatically generated View detailed reports of each inventory item/service View summary of all inventory item INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Create individual inventory items with your own units of measurement Manage warehouses Record purchase/sale/purchase return/sales return voucher entries of these items. DO EVEN MORE WITH KITE POS Customize all your sales invoices and sales receipts with your logo and fields within minutes. Be better prepared for tax time and get all the necessary tax deductions by giving your accountant access to your account. You can collaborate with your employees and accountants. Multiple users collaborate on the same company with user-level permissions. Kite POS well integrated with Whatsapp for business / Email systems to uplift your business Kite POS ease your business process by allowing your customers to use Kite POS for online ordering and viewing their invoices without any charges

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