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The power is in your finger! Tap the screen to hit the monsters and click the special buttons to unleash your power. Kill the hordes of monsters and become the real monster hunter. Don’t stop clicking and be the hero of this epic war against monsters and other terrifying creatures. This game is one of the best RPG idle game. If you like level up games, Monsters Impact is the best option. Monsters Impact is a fantasy role playing game with thousands of levels and tons of unique monsters. The monsters are trying to dominate the world, but can you stop them? Clash with the Lord of the monsters in an epic fight to death. You will fight for your world, for your lands, forests, villages, dungeons, castles, graveyards, deserts... Enter in this destiny quest to defend your World. Can you become the master of Monsters Hunter in this fantasy idle game? Tap to attack monsters, hire and level up heroes to unlock their unique abilities. Slay monsters for gold, find treasures, and explore new worlds. The best Tap game, RPG style and full of epic adventures and legendary battles. You must hire a band of heroes and you must lead them through fabled battles against monsters. Kill all the enemies with your sword and get coins, to level up and increase the power of your magical skills. Use all tricks and sorcery to fight against enemies and mini bosses. Tap to attack, tap to collect gold, tap to catch fairy treasures and tap hard to lead your troops in the war. Release your magical and powerful skills up to the victory. Upgrade your equipment and your skills and increase the damage you do each time you tap the screen. Be a real treasure hunter, collecting the coins and rewards from each monster. Find gold, magical boosters and many surprises. You mission is to defeat terrible creatures by tapping and clicking the screen. Download Monsters Impact and… Tap Tap Tap…

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