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Example Application to show Pulse Train Hat (PTHAT) controlling a CNC Machine for Pick and Place. This application is for Windows 10 and the PTHAT connected via the Stand Alone adapter via the USB port. There is also a version of this application with source code for the Raspberry Pi computer. Full demonstration with videos and more information can be found at http://pthat.com/index.php/examples/ The Pulse Train Hat is an add-on board for the Rapsberry Pi computer or can be used Stand Alone with a USB>Serial adapter board and allows clean, fast and accurate pulses to be created using simple ASCII commands. There are many hardware designs where a variable frequency pulse is needed, but one that is the most popular is for driving stepper/servo motors that use pulse and direction lines. Motors like this are found in machines such as 3D Printers, CNC machines, Robot Arms and not to mention the other endless motion control and automation machines. Controlling motors may seem simple, but when you get down to detailed control, it can all become very confusing and a big learning curve. With the PTHAT ( Pulse Train Hat ) add-on for the Raspberry Pi and this support site, we plan to make that task very simple and allow everyone to easily create their automation product. When controlling a motor, you have a lot of different tasks to consider, such as speed, ramping, interpolation, accuracy, counters, gearing to mention a few. Full information can be found on the Pulse Train Hat support page http://www.pthat.com

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