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Improve your golf game with this collection of OVER 300 tuitional video lessons. All aspects of the game are covered and it all comes down to one thing ... the golf swing!!! App features: ** Keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Lessons: PGA Golf Lesson Trouble Shots - Playing From the Rough and Around Trees PGA Golf Lesson Bunkers - Tackling the Tough Situations PGA Golf Lesson Great Practice Games PGA Golf Lesson Tempo and Inconsistent Ball Flight PGA Golf Lesson The Three Club System PGA Golf Lesson Creating Stability and Generating Speed PGA Golf Lesson Putting - Improved Distance and Accuracy PGA Golf Lesson Ball Shape Accuracy Off the Tee PGA Golf Lesson Scoring Zone Chipping Pitching Tips PGA Golf Lesson Maximum Power and Distance Changing Golf Trajectory for Changing Conditions PGA Digital Golf Academy Golf Drills Two Club Drill to Eliminate Flips in Your Short Game Golf Distance How To Hit The Driver Longer How To Cure A Slice Fast and Easy Golf Lessons - Stop Topping Fairway Woods Hip Turn Drills For the Downswing Golf Hip Turn How Much To Turn Golf Tips - How To Change Your Golf Swing Plane Golf Grip Role of the Trigger Finger How To Chip a Golf Ball How To Hit A Golf Bunker Shot The Correct Putting Setup Putting Practice Drills Golf Tips - How to Choose your Putting Grip Ball Above Feet Golf Shot Golf Shot How To Hit From An Uphill Lie Setup Back Foot Position Golf Swing Waggle Stay In Motion How To Play Golf Better Ultimate Swing Trainer Review Golf Impact How to Square the Clubface Consistently Golf Downswing How To Start Down Golf Backswing - Learning The One Piece Takeaway Golf Weight Shift Throughout The Swing Golf Impact Position Shoulders How to Cure Topping The Golf Ball Topped Shots are not from lifting your head Effortless Power How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed Golf Drills - How to Create Monster Lag Effortless Golf Swing Golf Tips - What Powers the Golf Swing Ernie Els Learn From Ernie Els Golf Swing How To Cure A Golf Pull How To Hit A Knock Down Shot Golf Instruction - How To Get That Slow Easy Swing GOLF TIPS - 3 STEPS TO A BETTER SHORT GAME GOLF TIPS - HOW TO HOLE MORE PUTTS GOLF TIPS - HOW TO GENERATE MORE POWER IN YOUR SWING GOLF TIPS - HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CHIPPING CONTROL GOLF TIPS - HOW TO MOVE THE BALL LIKE BUBBA WATSON GOLF TIPS - HOW TO ELIMINATE BAD DRIVES GOLF TIPS - HOW TO RELEASE YOUR CLUBHEAD GOLF TIPS - HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR HYBRID Golf Tips How to hit a stinger Golf Tips Get down low in bunkers Golf Tips How to smash your driver an extra 15 yards Golf Tips Practice vs warm-up Golf Tips Get your chin up Golf Tips How to play the ball below your feet Golf Tips Be stronger in your legs like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Golf Tips How to chip from a bare lie Golf Tips How to Play a Par-3 Golf Tips How to improve your greenside chipping Golf Tips How to sink 3ft putts every time Golf Tips How to improve your set-up Golf Tips Check your grip Golf Tips How to hit the perfect pitch shot and more.

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