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The Savage King is a global match-matched SLG game. It is different from the traditional model, no internal development, no construction waiting, no main city concept, two days to unify the world! After killing the enemy victory on the world map, start a new world. Online Game Link: http://bit.ly/2GvfDvJ Please note that case is case sensitive,You can Cross-Play by using the same account on Android, iOS, Html5, Windows 10 platform. Contact Us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TSKSTL/ Strategy games can also be black? "Great Escape" strategy siege game "The Savage King" officially launched! The new national warfare game - fair reincarnation single system. Each game, global real-time matching, the same picture hegemony. Players encircle the territorial city and reunite the map to win the authorities. Strong and strong alliance or weak attack, carry the audience or anger the thigh. You can turn the wind against you in one thought! More cross-service alliance national war is regularly opened, brothers are united, and the ultimate brain burning. Ignite 2019 strategy to open a new wave! *Real-time matching national war escape new gameplay* There is no big escape from the national warfare mode. Each game will match the same player on the same map. There is no squadron, no food, no snoring, and mutual encirclement. Players who occupy the city to capture the whole map can win! *Brothers are united, black alliances, and vertical links* Strategy games can also be black! You can fight in a single row, or you can open a black row with your friends, or form an alliance with other players in the authorities. Even if you encounter disadvantages, you can also fight against the wind by strategizing cooperation with your allies. *Extreme brain burning strategy, the enemy refuses to crush* More than 100 mythical heroes have unique talents to provide spell bonus to the army; more than 32 types of arms, such as light ride, heavy ride, dark night ride, ranger, rocket, and demon shooter, a reasonable lineup will make you break out. Combat ability! *Enriched gameplay, cross-service warfare is a hit* In addition to the classic matching mode, the game regularly starts the epic cross-service 100-team battle, and the strategy is exciting. Join the "The Savage King", and attack the city together with friends from all over the world, and fight for the Quartet!

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Version Update Content 1. New power book system: Players can have their goals in accordance with the mission guidelines in the book of strength to enhance their own strength, and get a lot of generous rewards 2. New forging system: All orange heroes unlock the mythical weapons limited by heroes. 3. New commission task: What should I do if I have no time to enter the battlefield to kill? I feel that I have lost a lot of resources all day, and the commissioning task brings you a lot of hook-up benefits. 4. Add a weekend campaign of the gods of the gods: The drums of the earthquake have already sounded, and all the players will enter the same map, killing for the ownership of Wangcheng. 5. Add a weekend event alliance battle: the survival challenge with the alliance comrades, who can represent the league and finally eat chicken, everything on the battlefield is decided by you. 6. New PVE Passage Activity Aion Tower: The Infinite Pass Tower's Shaoguan Trial is waiting, every level needs wits and brave, who can stand in the peak of the Aion Tower 7. Added hero enchantment system: Add enchantment of random affixes to all heroes to enhance heroic strength.

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  • 100 heroes, formation fetters
  • Alliance Battle Royale style chicken war
  • battle of the gods, stronghold BOSS competition

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Mo Feng Technology Co Ltd

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