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Stay in touch and have all the latest news about the Twin Cities Chess Club events at your fingertips! The information about all upcoming Events, Tournaments, Chess Camps and Classes is now available on your mobile device! Features: - Easy search and navigation through offered events - Headlines and detailed views - Integration with the Calendar (you will never miss an Event!) - Integration with the Map (you will never get lost on your way to the Event!) - Easy access to the http://www.twincitieschessclub.com web site We will see you at the Club! More about the Twin Cities Chess Club: Twin Cities Chess Club (TCCC) is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of today's chess students. It was started in an effort to foster better relationships between existing chess coaches and the students taking their classes. We feel that not enough connections are being made between the two groups. Do you like chess and are proud of it? Then we suggest you stop by and share your story or tell us how we could help you to improve. We are planning to organize weekly meetings and tournaments for school age students and would like to learn about your interest and opinion. For more questions about our club please call Irina at 952.457.4800, email at tcchessclub@gmail.com or visit our web site at http://www.twincitieschessclub.com For technical questions please contact the publisher: CompaNova LLC at tccc@companova.com or visit the web site at http://www.companova.com

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