Supported by a Flexible Web Server

Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 in Windows Server 2012 R2 provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensible platform for reliably hosting websites, services and applications. With IIS, you get choice and control without giving up reliability or security. Customize and add new features, such as application request routing and load balancing through free IIS Extensions. Maximize web security through a reduced server foot print and automatic application isolation. Easily deploy and run both ASP.NET and PHP web applications on the same server. Get it all with IIS. Learn how to get started on the IIS.NET website.

IIS 8.5 Web Server Hero

Why you'll love IIS 8.5


Easy to get. Free to use

Get everything you need to start running and hosting web applications with IIS using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. This simple, streamlined installer will get your development or hosting machine ready to go. The installer includes the latest version of IIS and its extensions. In addition, you'll get the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform including frameworks, database and development tools. Best of all it's all free! Download it now.


Can't we all get along?

From ASP.NET to PHP, IIS provides a powerful and flexible Web server for the world's most popular Web applications such as Umbraco, WordPress and Drupal. ASP.NET hosting is even more simple and powerful, with deep integration directly in the request processing pipeline, configuration system, and management console. Learn more about PHP on Windows.

IIS 8.5 scaling

More bang for your buck

IIS 8.5 provides several new features targeted at large scale hosting environments. Dynamic Site Activation and Idle Worker-Process Page-Out reduce resource utilization allowing increased site density and lower TCO. In addition, new enhanced logging options enable better data collection and troubleshooting. Learn more about the new features in IIS 8.5.

Modular Architecture with IIS 8.5

Use only what you need

IIS is built with a completely modular architecture, on top of rich extensibility APIs. This enables you to easily add, remove and even replace built-in IIS components with custom modules, specifically suited for customer needs. Use only what you need. Customize and add new features, such as Application Request Routing and URL Rewriting through free IIS Extensions.

IIS 8.5 High Performance


Speed up your Web site through built-in dynamic caching and enhanced compression. IIS provide the fastest performance for static and dynamic Web content through powerful HTTP compression and deeper integration with request serving from the Windows kernel for SSL Web sites. Implement a scalable Web infrastructure with HTTP-based load balancing and intelligent request handling and routing.

IIS 8.5 security


IIS maximizes Web server security by default with minimal Web server footprint and automatic application isolation. IIS offers performance sandboxing through CPU throttling, which reduces the probability of a runaway application. In addition, IIS offers greater application isolation by giving worker processes a completely unique identity and sandboxed configuration by default, further reducing security risks.

Everything you need to get started, FREE with a single streamlined installer.