Free Web Application Toolkits

These FREE Web App Toolkits help you complete common web development tasks and quickly add new features to your apps. Whether it’s Bing Maps integration or adding social capabilities to your site, there’s a toolkit for you. Download and install them today.

Social Network API

Social Network API

This Web Application Toolkit provides a generic “Social Networks” API that allows connecting your Web application with different social networks and managing them through one entry point with a consistent set of methods. In the Toolkit you’ll find examples of how to use the Social Networks API provided to connect a Web application with Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to manage the data provided by these networks in a generic way.

Web Application Toolkit for Freemium Applications

Web App Toolkit for "Freemium" Applications

A popular way to attract first time users is to offer a free version of a service that has limited functionality and once you’ve got them hooked provide an easy way to upgrade and pay for more features. This Web Application Toolkit offers a more elegant and cost-effective way to solve this problem by using a SKU/Features matrix to manage which features are available in certain SKUs. The Toolkit uses standard ASP.NET Role Management features together with WCF REST Services to retrieve the SKU/Features information.

Web Application Toolkit for Calendars

Web App Toolkit for Calendars

Lots of Web sites store and display date information that is personal to their users. Users often want one place to manage their calendar, for example Outlook, Windows Live Calendar, Google Calendar and so on. This Web Application Toolkit provides a standards-based service that can be reused in your own Web application to expose calendaring and events information for different users, using different data formats (iCalendar, XML, JSON) using REST. Additionally, you’ll find examples of how to consume the endpoint using the ASP.NET Ajax Library with templates and the iCalendar microformat.

Web Application Toolkit for Bing Maps

Web App Toolkit for Bing Maps

A common scenario for Web developers is to provide location based information rendered on an interactive map. For example, showing the location of an office or a store location. The Bing Maps SDKs including the Bing Maps Controls enables developers to incorporate both location and enhanced mapping features into their Web applications. In this Web Application Toolkit you will find a set of reusable custom controls built in Silverlight, which integrated with the Bing Maps Silverlight Control, make a perfect fit for some of the most common location-aware scenarios. With this Toolkit, you will also find a sample Silverlight application showing how to use those controls when implementing a “store locator” scenario on a Web site.

Web Application Toolkit for Internet Explorer 8

Web App Toolkit for IE8

Today users can access rich information and services while they are browsing a site; it's not a trivial task to expose this content to the same users when they are not on that site. The goal of this Web Application Toolkit is to leverage the new features in Internet Explorer 8 (Web Slices, Accelerators and Visual Search Providers) to extend the reach of your web site and services also to those users that are not on your site. The Web Application Toolkit includes a set of ASP.NET Web Controls that you can use to take advantage of these IE new features in your own Web application.

Web Application Toolkit for Bing Search

Web App Toolkit for Bing Search

Bing is a powerful new Decision Engine designed to help consumers accomplish tasks and make faster, more informed decisions. The Bing Application Programming Interface (API) provides developers programmatic access to Bing, offering flexible options for building or enhancing your site or applications. This Web Application Toolkit shows how to take advantage of the Bing API to add search capabilities to your Web site by leveraging the various search results that the Bing API provides, including Web content, images, news and videos, among others. Through this Web Application Toolkit you will also discover how to use ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery to provide an enhanced and more interactive end user experience when using the Bing API.

Web Application Toolkit for REST Services

Web App Toolkit for REST Services

Many Web applications today are starting to expose data as REST service interfaces, so it can be accessed through APIs by other tiers of the application or even by other applications. A RESTful web service is a simple Web service implemented using HTTP and the principles of REST. REST Services focus on resources; each one is represented by a unique URI, and users interact with them via their URI using the HTTP uniform interface. This Web Application Toolkit shows how to easily add REST service interfaces for an existing Web application. The Web Application Toolkit includes a sample REST service, two sample client applications that access the REST services, one using simple ASP.NET Web Forms and a second Web application using AJAX to asynchronously invoke the REST service and finally a custom project template for Visual Studio to make it very easy to build new REST Services.

Web Application Toolkit for Mobile Web Applications

Web App Toolkit for Mobile Web Applications

This Web Application Toolkit is designed to demonstrate how to extend an existing ASP.NET MVC Web application to provide access from mobile devices. To enable mobile access, the Web application should have views targeting each of the mobile devices to be supported. The MVC pattern helps you create applications that separate the different aspects of the application (input logic, business logic, and UI logic), while providing a loose coupling between these elements. This Web Application Toolkit provides a component called MobileCapableViewEngine that enables the Web application to show the appropriate view depending on the device's browser that is performing the request. It also includes a sample site that provides different views for Windows Mobile, IPhone, and Blackberry devices.

Web Application Toolkit for FAQs

Web App Toolkit for FAQs

The majority of Web sites have the need to display a list of frequently asked questions to their users. Although it's not difficult to create a simple set of FAQ pages, creating a great user experience that supports searching for FAQs, filtering, and paging, can become more difficult. Furthermore, this is often common functionality that has to be implemented repeatedly in multiple Web sites.