It’s All About the Workspace

WebMatrix includes four integrated workspaces that help you focus on different areas of your Web site. Monitor real-time web requests and configure your Web site server settings with the Site workspace. Manage your files and edit your code using the code editor with syntax highlighting in the Files workspace. Add and manage databases using the Database workspace. And last but not least, generate SEO reports and optimize your web site for search engines using tools in the Reports workspace.

Select a workspace to learn more about it.

Command Central

Quickly access all the relevant information about your site using a simplified one-page dashboard. Get your site’s Web URL and physical system path, or quickly access common tasks such as finding a compatible Web host and setting up a remote server connection.

Live Request

Monitor real-time web requests and responses for your Website and track down problems right at the source. Missing an image? View the request and know instantly why and which file to fix.

Site + Server

Configure the most common server settings for your site, from the URL for your Web site to the programming model it uses. It’s all done here.

Back to School

Quickly get up to speed with WebMatrix by watching videos, downloading code samples, and browsing the ASP.NET Web pages guide. Online resources are just a click away and ready to help you every step of the way.


Publishing is more than just copying files. WebMatrix helps you deploy your complete Web site, including files, database, and application settings — all with just a few clicks. WebMatrix knows what’s changed and what hasn’t and can ensure whatever needs to be published actually is published. WebMatrix supports WebDeploy, FTP, and FTPS protocols.

Files Workspace


Work quicker and easier using color. WebMatrix includes color-coded file tabs and icons to help you organize the files you’re working on. With multiple CSS, HTML, and ASP.NET CSHTML files open, colors help you quickly group and find the type of files you want to work with.

Files, Files and More Files

WebMatrix includes templates for a variety of file types including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ASP.NET pages such as ASPX, CSHTML, Web.config, and even XML and SQL scripts. And of course if all you need is a text file, it’s there too.

Beyond Notepad

WebMatrix includes a robust text editor with great features that make it easier to edit your site’s code, including highlighting, colorization for popular file types like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and ASP.NET and tag completion and hinting for standard HTML and CSS markup.

WebMatrix + Visual Studio

Run your site in WebMatrix, connect to Visual Studio, and then take advantage of a world-class code editor that includes IntelliSense, application debugging, web site profiling, refactoring tools, Silverlight development support, and more.

Database Workspace


WebMatrix makes working with databases easy. It includes tools to handle the most common database tasks you'll encounter when building your web site. Easily add and edit databases. Work with tables, columns, and rows. Manage relationships and indexes. Work with stored procedures, execute queries, and of course view and edit data from your database.

Going Outside

It doesn’t just stop at managing the databases related to your site. The Database workspace supports connecting to and managing external databases.


In addition to supporting SQL Server and SQL Server Compact, WebMatrix includes full support for MySQL.

Reports Workspace

SEO Reports

Generate SEO reports for your site and use the information to help your site be seen by search engines. WebMatrix gives you a detailed list of what’s missing and what you can do to fix it. From broken links to the correct use of HTML tags, WebMatrix helps you find and fix them all.

Attention to Details

WebMatrix can also go deeper and provide details about each issue it finds. You’ll see the status code, affected URL, where the issue occurs, and what to do about it.

Fix It

And it doesn’t just stop at reporting issues. If you’re running on a local WebMatrix development site, WebMatrix can take you directly to the file so you can edit it and make fixes. It’s easy and it’s seamless.

Go Outside

WebMatrix features a built-in Web crawler that runs independently of the development sites you have open in WebMatrix. Not only can you locate issues in your local development site, but you can use the same engine on any internet site to get a detailed analysis.

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