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Lido Stone Works, a custom manufacturer of stone products, wanted a more automated production environment, so it asked Breton, a well-known machinery manufacturer, for help. Lido decided to implement a system from Breton and Microsoft that connects manufacturing equipment with central servers. The solution includes ASEM Ubiquity software based on Windows Embedded. As a result, Lido has increased revenue by 70 percent and productivity by 30 percent, while Breton has cut travel costs by approximately €400,000 (US$524,000) by assisting customers remotely. Most importantly, the solution is helping Lido realize its potential for innovation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Boosts revenue 70% and productivity 30%
  • Saves €400,000 (US$524,000) annually with improved manageability
  • Increase in business results in 67% growth in workforce
  • Better connectivity empowers innovation

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