Siloah St. Trudpert Klinikum

Overview Challenge Solutions Benefits

Siloah St. Trudpert Klinikum, a leading hospital in Germany, wanted to optimize healthcare and demonstrate its pioneering endoscopic surgery to visiting physicians. The hospital decided to implement a digital operating room from medical-instrument maker Richard Wolf based on Microsoft technology that connects multiple endoscopic devices and data sources to a central control with a touchscreen interface. The solution also integrates with a video-conferencing system so that visitors can observe surgeries in real time. As a result, the hospital is optimizing patient care, enhancing medical training, and improving efficiency and workflow.

Benefits at a glance

  • Enables connectivity to multiple devices
  • Enhances medical training with real-time integration of multiple video feeds
  • Provides better access to patient data
  • Collects and transmits images via DICOM for storage in PACS

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