Jeroen Bosch Hospital

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Jeroen Bosch Hospital (JBH), an innovative medical center in the Netherlands, wanted to install interactive terminals at patient bedsides that would seamlessly connect doctors to patients. JBH chose Patientline, a leading provider of hospital bedside solutions, to deliver 800 touch-screen terminals in an integrated system anchored by Windows Embedded. Managed by Patientline, the integrated solution gives patients and staff access to multimedia entertainment, communications tools and electronic health records. In addition, Patientline cut time-to-market in half and reduced related IT maintenance costs by 40 percent, while the hospital expects to gain 50 percent ROI by offering additional services.

Benefits at a glance

  • 800 bedside terminals can display health data and entertainment.
  • $100,000 USD annual savings per 500 occupied beds.
  • 50 percent ROI with new services options.

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