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Chess is an intelligent entertainment, ideal for kids and adults which improves logical thinking and intellectual abilities. 3 types of Challenges you face in this game: Manual Player Challenges - Here you and your friend can play with each other Chessboard Edit - Here you can also edit the Chessboard Computer Challenges - Here you can play with the Computer with Difficulty Level ranging from 1 - 10 Chess pieces: - The pawn moves to one field forward or two fields at the first move of this figure, beats diagonally to one field forward. - The king moves to one field in the vertical, horizontal or diagonal. - The queen moves to any distance vertically, horizontally or diagonally. - The rook moves to any distance vertically or horizontally. - The knight moves to the field, which is in two fields along the vertical and one horizontally or one field vertically and two horizontally. - The bishop moves to any distance diagonally. The goal of the game is to checkmate the other king. - Check - the situation in chess, when a king is under immediate attack by opponent's pieces - Checkmate - the situation in chess, when the player whose turn it is to move is in check and has no legal move to escape check - Stalemate - the situation in chess, when the player whose turn it is to move has no legal move and is not in check (draw) Two special moves in Chess: - Castling is double move, which is performed by the king and the rook, that never moved. - En passant is a move in which a pawn can take an opponent's pawn if it jumps over a field under the pawn's blow. Features: - All movements tracked - Small Size - Save function - Two player mode - Ten Difficulty levels - Realistic graphics PS If you like the game, please rate it 5 stars ★★★★★ Reach us: Tutorial: http://gamestudiousa.com/chess-game-real-tutorial/ Web: http://gamestudiousa.com/ Email: trygamestudio@hotmail.com

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