Phantasy Star Online 2 -SONIC Collaboration Edition-
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!! If you have any problems during the Windows 10 Ver. installation, please check the info on the official site from PublisherInfo at the page bottom !! *Please select “Yes” when asked about running the game as an Administrator during the game’s start-up. *After installing from the store, an additional 80 GB or more of hard disk space is required for the game data’s installation. The Free-to-Play online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 has arrived! As the player, you'll join the ARKS task force of Oracle, an interplanetary fleet composed of 4 different races, and head out on an adventure to explore unknown worlds. With procedurally generated environments, unexpected events, and raid quests that a maximum of 12 players can take on at once, Phantasy Star Online 2 aims to provide a never-ending adventure that is always filled with fresh surprises. The action in this game is highly customizable, with jumps added to the series staple simple controls. Use one of gaming's most powerful character creators to design and customize your own character, sign up as an ARKS Operative, and begin your PSO2 adventure! This special edition offers SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series collaboration's fashion items, and useful items at a great value, which can only be purchased once! ▼The following items are included in this edition - Phantasy Star Online 2 Base Game - Sonic Suit M - Sonic Suit F - Sonic Hair 1 - Sonic Hair 2 - Emotes 602: Sonic/Tails - *Sonic Knuckles - Sonic Mask - Ragol Memory x5 - Inventory Expansion (10) x5 - Premium Set (30 Days) - Mission Pass Gold Ticket - Salon Free Pass - Character Storage Expansion (50) x5 - EXP Earned +150% x15 - Triboost +125% x10 - Grinder x500 - AC Scratch Ticket x12 - Great Enhancement Aid +50% x99 ・A subscription to Xbox Live Gold is required to play Phantasy Star Online 2 online. ・The core game is Free-to-Play, but there is certain paid content that can be purchased. ・The included content Phantasy Star Online 2 base game, is the same content as the base game that can be downloaded separately. No re-download will occur if already installed. ・The Phantasy Star Online 2 base game can be downloaded for free. ・The items obtainable through this content are exclusive to Phantasy Star Online 2. This cannot be used in other services, including the Japanese service. ・After purchasing the content, items will be given when logging into the Phantasy Star Online 2. Please receive the item from Visiphone -> Receive Campaign Items -> Purchase/Receive Benefits. ・Phantasy Star Online 2 is required in order to use this content.  Please update to the latest patch before using this content. ・This product can only be bought once per account. ・Ragol Memory can be exchanged for any item displayed at the ""Ragol Memory Exchange Shop"" in the game.




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