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With Countdown you can count down to any event and date that matters to you: -How many days until my wedding anniversary? -How long ago did I quit smoking? -How much longer before Nick’s Birthday party? -How many days do i have to find a Valentine’s present? A NEW WAY TO INTERACT WITH EVENTS AND DATES Countdown to UNLIMITED events and dates with a unique and accurate way.You can also pin your events to start so you never miss an event again (all live tiles are updating on the background and show countdown time on a real time) USE IT FOR EVERYTHING Birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, vacation, parties, exams, halloween, new year’s eve, thanksgiving, wedding day, christmas, days of quitting smoking and any other date that matters to you. LIVE TILES Pin each event individually on the start page or the upcoming events, to know the time left without even open the app. LOCK SCREEN NOTIFICATION Use an event as lock screen notification to be informed of the time left in no seconds. ALARMS Need to set a reminder for your countdown? Countdown notifies you , so you’ll never miss an important event again!!! FULL SCREEN COUNTDOWN Watch the countdown of an event fullscreen. Put your device on the dock and use it as a digital countdown clock!!! EASY TO USE, BEAUTIFUL -> PERSONALIZE IT Countdown was designed with simplicity and functionality. Stunning graphics make tracking time easy and awesome. COUNTDOWN MEANS PRODUCTIVITY Countdown is the only countdown app that combines UNLIMITED dates and events countdowns with a completely clean and intuitive interface. - CREATE EVENT PICS, ADD FILTERS AND SHARE THEM ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER,... - SKYDRIVE BACKUP/RESTORE - CREATE REPETITIVE EVENTS (DAILY,WEEKLY,MONTHLY OR YEARLY) - SORT YOU EVENTS ALPHABETICALLY, BY MOST CURRENT OR LESS CURRENT - IMPORT FROM DEVICE CALENDAR AND OUTLOOK CALENDAR - COUNT DOWN AND UP FROM DATES - INSTANT NOTE SEARCH - PASSWORD PROTECTION - EXPORT EVENTS TO CALENDAR




Thomas Tsopanakis


Thomas Tsopanakis


Thomas Tsopanakis




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