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This is Backgammon Reloaded. Play in offline mode against Artificial Neural Networks trained for thousand of games in mixed and cascade mode. Play in online mode against high skilled players all around the world. This is the peak of engineering in terms of graphics and network communication. The user interface is build from scratch using OpenGL ES 2.0 (on Windows 10, Angle library is used for DirectX translation), allowing it to run on any operating system, even in browser. Animations are fixed at 60 frames per second. Network communication uses non-blocking TCP sockets using select pooling for high throughput, allowing the app to resume games while the client changes IP addresses. You will almost find a lot at least 70 players connected to the server. As time passes, it will replace FIBS by creating multiple clients on different devices (desktop, phones, smart TVs). The user interface is now highly optimized for speed and for saving your battery. Manual rolls. Unique feature for those of you that think the dices are not random: The formula explains by itself: dice = 1 + (millis mod 6) Millis change 1000 times per second. Mod is the division reminder. When you click / touch the screen, it's up to you to get a better dice. You can roll fo the computer as well. Afraid to install it? Give it a try directly in your browser at The web build is still experimental and keyboard input on phones is not done yet. Players can watch running games in real-time. In order to watch a game, go to Play Online -> Lobby -> Games -> Watch option next to the game. In order to stop watching a game, click the Menu bar on top left of the application and select Leave option. Any player can double the match score any time while playing. The score, pip count and the cube value is displayed on the top side. The table can be reversed as the user is more used to. The checker color can be changed from black to white. The number of games can be assigned from 1 to 9 matches. The sounds can be muted. In auto-match mode the game request is sent to all the users that are not playing. In friend mode it is possible to filter players by name (case sensitive mode), chat with them and request playing a game. Game timers are used to avoid too much waiting for opponent's move or double confirmation. Two green arrows were added on the right side of the board in order to visualize current's player turn. Chat support was also added, there players can talk to each other. Unicode characters are not supported. Available on Windows 10 and Android. Planning on implementing it on Windows 8 and IOS... Play Backgammon Reloaded from anywhere with anyone. There is a Reset button in the Menu options for panic mode. What this does to disconnect from the server and reset the board. Video: Enjoy ;)

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