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Top things that you should know about Windows 8

  • Start screen and tiles. Windows 8 lets you personalise your Start screen with live tiles that highlight information for the things that you care about the most.
  • Amazing apps. Windows 8 includes amazing, built-in apps that work together seamlessly.
  • Cloud connected. Windows 8 connects your favourite services to your Microsoft account. You get immediate access to your personal content through SkyDrive and your apps.
  • Be more productive. Windows 8 offers the fun of a tablet, with the productivity of a computer – the best of both worlds.

Sales and marketing training

Short 100-level courses with assessments, videos and presentations to help you understand the value propositions for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, engage customers and accelerate sales.

Course Description
Windows 8 Value for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) Explore the application of Windows 8 for SMBs, including current conditions, use cases, objections related to these businesses and benefits of Windows 8.
Windows 8 and Windows RT Devices Learn about the significant advantage of Windows 8 devices and how the Windows 8 team has worked with OEMs to ensure that the latest hardware and device form factors optimise the user experience.
Make It Your Own Show your customers how to customise their Start screen.
Amazing Apps Apps are essential to Windows 8. Learn which apps are built in to Windows 8 and what they offer.
How Windows 8 Works Discover how the Windows 8 Start screen acts like a personalised digital bulletin board and identify important touch gestures and mouse and keyboard actions.
Take Control with Charms Understand the function performed by each of the five Windows 8 charms, and their value as system-wide functions that are always available.
Introducing User Accounts Learn how Windows 8 supports multiple users on the same device and the benefits of signing in on a Windows 8 device with a Microsoft account.
Introducing SkyDrive Explore how SkyDrive helps sync, store and share information across multiple devices in Windows 8.
Introducing Windows Activation Understand the purpose of activation on Windows 8 devices, the user experience with a non-activated device and the reasons that customers should buy genuine Windows.

Windows 8 Pro Resources

Windows 8 Pro is designed and built to meet the demands of business and delivers new levels of integration, security and productivity, all without sacrificing performance or choice. Get familiar with the core collection of business-centric features of Windows 8 Pro.

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Windows 8 Licensing Changes

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft is offering a simple upgrade licence for retail—a departure from the Windows 7 Retail Licence. The System Builder Licence is still the licence used to preinstall Windows 8 on new PCs that you sell. This licence also has a new usage right, the Personal Use Licence.

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