OEM Reseller and System Builder Support

This page provides support resources to help answer questions that you may have about such issues as presales, licensing, preinstallation, and deployment of Microsoft products.

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Reseller and System Builder Topics
Reseller and System Builder Topics
Quickly find answers to questions about pricing, product activation, software media replacement, OEM licensing, the Express Deployment Tool, and more.
Licensing Topics
Licensing Topics
Quickly find answers to questions about system builder licensing, downgrade rights, transfer of licenses, ensuring that Microsoft software is genuine, and more.

Use the OEM Reseller Support System

The OEM Reseller Support System provides a direct link to Microsoft support engineers and technical experts who provide unlimited, text-based support for your presales, technical, and Microsoft licensing questions through the OEM Reseller and System Builder Forums.

Explore additional support options

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Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) support

To fully access programs and resources offered exclusively to OEM resellers and system builders on the OEM Partner Center (OPC), you must join MPN. To do so, visit the Enrolling in Microsoft Partner Network page.

If you need assistance with MPN membership or renewal, or with OPC login issues, email Partner Programs and Portal Support.

To connect with other partners to find answers to questions such as Partner Network benefits, training, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exams, and more, visit the MPN Partner Support Community page.

Microsoft Action Pack support

For help with Microsoft Action Pack issues, visit the Microsoft Action Pack Support page.

Report piracy

To report piracy of Microsoft products, visit the Microsoft Piracy page.

Microsoft Account

For help with Microsoft account issues such as creating an account, changing or resetting a password, or signing in with a Microsoft account, see frequently asked questions about Microsoft accounts.

You can also review or update your Microsoft account information.

To learn more about Microsoft accounts, see What is a Microsoft account?

End user support

If you are an end user instead of a reseller or system builder, please address your question to Microsoft Customer Support Services:

If you reside outside the United states, call the Microsoft Customer Support Services telephone number for the country in which you reside.

OEM Partner Center (OPC) support

If you have a question or a comment specifically about content or resources on OPC that was not answered by any of the resources above, please contact OPC support at

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