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From opening the conversation to closing the sale, help customers find the right PC or tablet with this four-step sales process.

  • Understand your customers’ needs. Open customer conversations by asking the questions that will identify your customers’ needs, then listen to what your customers have to say.
  • Recommend the right Windows 8.1 device. There’s a unique Windows 8 device to match each customer’s personality—from compact, touch-enabled tablets and laptops to large, powerful all-in-ones.
  • Help customers compare and get excited. With Windows 8.1, your customers have the best of both worlds―the fun of a tablet and the productivity of a PC, all on hardware that matches each customer’s style.
  • Complete the solution. Recommend additional hardware and software the customer may need to complete their Windows experience.

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Resource Description
Increase licensing opportunities with this tiered approach sales guide for Windows Compete focusing on Windows 8 vs Mac and Windows 8 vs Chromebook (Chrome OS), now available in English and 26 localized languages. Includes call opening questions, probing questions, objection handling tips, and more.
Help illustrate what's new with Windows 8.1 Update with this feature card.
Leverage the localized tips and tricks card for using Windows with a keyboard and mouse or with touch. Updated with OneDrive branding.
Use this editable asset to announce the release of the new Update. The flyer conveys the value proposition for Windows 8.1 Pro Update.
Windows 8.1 Pro Update to-customer email
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Note Find marketing templates that can be used in the Canadian market.

Use this asset to announce the release of the new Update to customers. The email contains the value proposition for Windows 8.1 Pro Update.
Use this pitch deck to deliver the latest value proposition and changes for Windows 8.1 Pro Update to your customers.
Use this sales guide to help generate excitement and deliver the Windows 8.1 value proposition.
Use this demo guide to help customers experience Windows 8.1.
Windows 8.1 FAQ

.pdf 497 KB
Use this document to answer frequently asked questions about Windows 8.1.
Use the sales sheet to prepare to sell Windows 8.1.
Have a conversation with your customers about the value of Windows 8.1.
Use this comparison chart of Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro to articulate the differences.
Use this summary of features and benefits to communicate the value of Windows 8 to customers.
Get familiar with what’s new in Windows hardware and how to help customers choose devices that best meet their needs.
Get Started Guide

.pdf 1.12 MB
Use this guide to help your customers get started—from customizing the desktop to navigating Windows 8.
Help customers find the right PC or tablet—from opening the conversation to closing the sale.
Use this guide to communicate the reasons to buy Windows 8 and get helpful guidance when talking with customers.
Discussion Guide

.pdf 314 KB
Use this guide to help you engage with small and midsize business customers as they evaluate Windows 8.
Compare key benefits and features of Windows 8 editions.
Review these frequently asked questions and corresponding answers about Windows 8 to better serve customers.
Get familiar with the core collection of businesses-centric features in Windows 8 Pro.
Review changes to the Windows 8 retail and System Builder licenses.

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