Microsoft Dynamics Editions

Choose from two editions of packaged software functionality, along with additional add-on components.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Ready Licensing editions

With assistance from your Microsoft partner, you can choose from two Business Ready Licensing editions of pre-selected (packaged) software functionality available for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, along with additional add-on components. When you select an edition, you license the number of users you need to utilize the components through the rich client.

If you need more functionality than is included in the edition you choose, you have the flexibility to add certain components to your selected edition.

The following information outlines the functions available in different Business Ready Licensing editions.

Business Essentials

This edition addresses core financial management needs and includes essential features for integrated financial and business management. It is streamlined for ease of installation, rapid user adoption, and affordability.

Financial management, including:

  • General ledger

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable

  • Fixed asset management

Supply chain management, including:

  • Sales order processing

  • Purchase order processing

  • Inventory management

Business intelligence and reporting, including Microsoft FRx Desktop (one user)

Basic configuration and development tools.

In addition to core functionality, the Business Essentials Foundation Pack includes one Full Access user license. Additional Full Access users and Partial Access users may be licensed. A limited set of additional components, such as payroll components, may also be licensed for this edition.

Learn more about licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics.

Advanced Management*

This edition addresses the needs of organizations that are looking for a solution with an extensive set of advanced functionality.

All the functionality of the Business Essentials edition is included, plus the following:

Advanced financial management, including:

  • Cash management

  • Collections management

Advanced business intelligence and reporting

Customer relationship management (CRM), including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional Server** (at least one user license must be purchased for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional to use this product)


Advanced supply-chain management, including:

  • Bill of materials

  • Requisition management

In addition, the Advanced Management Foundation Pack includes one Full Access user license. Additional Full Access users and Partial Access users may be licensed.

Learn more about licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics.

* Extend your solution with Advanced Management Enterprise
For organizations with even more complex needs, Advanced Management Enterprise components are available. These additional components let you extend Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management by providing the following rich set of advanced functionality:

  • Advanced manufacturing functionality, including shop management, capacity planning, and job costing.

  • Field service management.

  • Advanced project management.

  • Advanced configuration and development tools, including source code access.

** Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Get it separately or with Business Ready Licensing
In addition to being available with the Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management edition and the Modular Based Licensing Professional Edition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise Servers will continue to be available through the Microsoft Volume Licensing. See the Microsoft Dynamics CRM How to Buy page for more information.

Note: The Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management Foundation Pack does not include user access for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. User access and licensing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM follows a different model than licensing for Microsoft Dynamics Business Essentials and Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management. Contact a Microsoft partner for assistance in understanding Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing options or purchasing. Contact us for help finding a partner in the United States, or contact your local country/region office for help outside the United States.

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