Keep It Real

The Keep It Real campaign helps resellers understand the risks of selling counterfeit software.

Counterfeit software costs more than you think

While counterfeit software is offered at a lower price, there can be hidden costs, such as poor user experience, damage to devices, and the loss of personal data. Genuine software is the best deal and the right choice to avoid potential financial, professional, and social setbacks.

How to tell that Windows 8 software is genuine

Windows 8 Genuine Sticker A properly licensed PC should contain a genuine Microsoft software label or Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label.

The digital ink technology makes genuine Microsoft software easier to identify.

  • Windows 8: magenta to green
  • Windows 8 Pro: blue to purple
  • Windows RT: turquoise to purple

The Microsoft label also has an anti-tamper function, which is activated when the label is peeled.

Always recommend genuine Windows 8

You can retain the trust your customers have in you by having an honest conversation with them about the risks of purchasing counterfeit software. That discussion not only will protect your customers, but also will promote loyalty and referrals that will help your business.

  • Remind every customer to reconsider buying software from anyone who tries to convince them that counterfeit software is safe.
  • Let them know that counterfeit Windows is not the same as counterfeit DVDs or music. When a criminal gets access to your PC, they get access to your life.

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Use this flyer to better understand selling genuine Windows 8 software and making recommendations to your customers.
Learn about the myths and facts of counterfeit software.
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Use this customizable flyer to help customers understand the importance of buying genuine Windows 8 software.
Teach your customers the myths and facts of counterfeit software.
How to tell FAQ
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Prepare for the questions your customers may have regarding buying genuine Windows 8 software by reviewing the frequently asked questions and answers.
Learn how pirated software can compromise the cyber security of consumers, enterprises, and nations.
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