Windows 7 Value Pack

The Windows 7 Value Pack DVD provides free, valuable Microsoft solutions that complement your customers’ Windows 7 experience. It is an ideal offer for you to include with their purchases of new Windows 7 PCs.

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Windows 7 Value Pack Contents

The Windows 7 Value Pack includes useful software that Microsoft provides to customers who purchase a genuine Windows 7 PC. Rather than requiring customers to download each program separately, the Value Pack DVD consolidates the software into a convenient collection, along with an easy-to-use menu in the customer’s preferred language. The Value Pack consists of the following software:

  • Microsoft Security Essentials. Free antivirus software to keep your PC safe against viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, and worms.
  • Bing Bar. A toolbar that provides a quick look at the top tasks users need to accomplish while using Internet Explorer.
  • Windows Live Essentials. A suite of software that makes it easy for customers to create and share movies, organize email, and more. Includes Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Writer, Movie Maker, Windows Live Mesh, and Family Safety.
  • Windows Internet Explorer 9. A faster, safer, cleaner, and more beautiful web experience, with unique features you won’t find in any other browser.
  • Skype. Text, voice, and video that make it simple to share experiences between people wherever they are. NOTE Skype may not be installed on PCs shipping to China.
  • Language Interface Packs for Windows 7. Translated versions of the most widely used Windows 7 wizards, dialog boxes, menu items, and help content in more than 40 languages.

Two Ways to Get the Windows 7 Value Pack

1. Contact your Authorized Microsoft OEM Distributor and ask for the Windows 7 Value Pack (Microsoft SKU 050-00779).

NOTE Material and shipping costs may apply.


2. If you are building systems for resale, download the Windows 7 Value Pack image and preinstall it on your customer PCs using the Express Deployment Tool.

Installation with the Express Deployment Tool for Windows 7

The Express Deployment Tool (EDT) helps system builders to quickly, easily, and correctly preinstall PCs with the Windows 7 Value Pack in addition to Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and other products. Using the EDT to preinstall the Windows 7 Value Pack on your PCs offers these benefits:

  • Creates a consistent and customized end-user experience.
  • Works with the Windows 7 Value Pack to provide streamlined deployments on Windows 7 PCs.
  • Simplifies compliance with OEM System Builder license terms.
  • Includes preinstallation of Windows 7.
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