• Secure and deliver your premium media content in the cloud with PlayReady DRM running on Azure Media Services.
  • Application Service Provider Agreement
    Develop Server Applications and deploy PlayReady Services for your company or your customers.
    PlayReady Server Usage from Jan 1, 2015 forward now has no Fees or Royalty Reporting.
  • Find a PlayReady partner
    Find a PlayReady partner and licensed content protection expert that will help you deliver and protect your premium content.
  • PlayReady Client SDK
    PlayReady is built for multiple go to market strategies.
    Learn more about the PlayReady Product Suite, including the iOS SDK that makes developing for PlayReady even easier.
  • Enhanced Content Protection in PlayReady 3.0
    Enhanced Content Protection in PlayReady 3.0 addresses content owners' full 1080p, 4K and higher resolutions, as well as early window content protection requirements.
PlayReady has a wide and deep ecosystem that reaches a broad array of devices and operating systems to protect premium content while driving the optimal user experience.

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