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In the picture, the changemaker Patrick Marous is shown in front of an Airbus.

Ready for take-off!

Despite continued turbulence, Patrick Marous and thyssenkrupp Aerospace will be high-flyers

About his vision: an IT system with real-time visibility

Patrick Marous wants to establish the Digital Twin, the "data twin," along the entire supply chain at thyssenkrupp Aerospace.

Changemaker with vision

Name: Patrick Marous
Position: Global CEO, thyssenkrupp Aerospace Responsibilities: International management

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In the picture, the changemaker Patrick Marous is standing in front of an Airbus.

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In the picture, the changemaker Patrick Marous is standing in front of an Airbus.

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How thyssenkrupp Aerospace uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create the transparency needed to better visualize information and material flows within the value chain.

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In the picture, the changemaker Patrick Marous is standing in front of an Airbus.

This stuff that dreams are made of

thyssenkrupp Aerospace is the world's leading supply chain management service provider around materials for the aerospace industry. The turbulent events of recent years caused the company and its Global CEO Patrick Marous to strike out in new directions – the digitization of data management, collaboration and the entire supply chain.

In the picture you can see the changemaker Patrick marous walking towards an airbus.

thyssenkrupp Aerospace

Employees work at over 30 locations in more than 20 countries, the company ensures that the aircraft industry receives customized material and supply chain solutions.

"Like a stall."

When Patrick Marous took over the company at thyssenkrupp Aerospace, he didn't know that the industry, which was flying high, would soon have to deal with its crash. Turbulence in the industry, such as the Corona pandemic, forced the passionate frequent flyer to rethink. The crisis inspired him to find a quick solution and to block future shocks. In order to make an informed decision, he taught himself technical IT knowledge and completed Microsoft trainings.

"The business needs to drive more IT issues."

Above all, he was concerned with the question: How can data be presented transparently throughout the supply chain, enabling more informed decisions? The solution: digitizing the entire process chain – from the supplier to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The prerequisite for this is to bring all the data together in one place and make it accessible. His choice fell on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

"I don't want to have a patchwork rug."

For Patrick Marous, it was also important that internal processes could be simplified and handled more quickly. He saw potential in communication tools such as Microsoft Teams and collaborative systems such as Microsoft 365, which immediately met with great enthusiasm among his team. They immediately facilitated and improved collaboration within the company and with customers.

"Handle data responsibly and with foresight."

Just as important to Patrick Marous as bundling corporate data on one platform was its timeliness and visibility. It's no use to him to have "raw data as a raw material supplier" if it's not transformed into real data insights. He chose Microsoft Power BI so that he could have data analyzed automatically in real time.

"The Digital Twin is on its way."

Over time, he had the vision to bring the entire supply chain and all interactions together in one solution. How can the entire analog process also be mapped digitally? The solution: a "digital twin" for the aerospace industry. With the CRM solution and AI of Microsoft Dynamics 365, a digital image is created in which processes and resources can be optimized in the future.

"Using mobile instead limited to pen and paper."

Digitalization can sometimes be difficult for employees to grasp. Patrick Marous at thyssenkrupp Aerospace shows that it can be done differently. He has created a digital environment that can be "experienced" and simplifies everyday life for everyone. With Microsoft Teams and Power Platform, he is creating a collaborative and more productive way of working that inspires everyone to achieve more.

"Digital Twin" – for full supply chain transparency

Identify needs in time, save storage costs, increase service – with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In the picture you can see a supply chain with various symbols is shown on a blue background.

The challenge

The construction of an aircraft is an exciting but above all complex affair. In addition to the aircraft manufacturer itself, countless suppliers are involved. These are located in different places, including thyssenkrupp Aerospace. It is therefore all the more important to manage punctuality and availability centrally in order to optimize planning and processing within the supply chain.

The vision

Always supplying on time and remaining sustainable – how is that supposed to work? Patrick Marou's vision is to have the right quantity of materials, the required components and resources in the right place at all times. This ensures that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can deliver on time. How can this information be mapped digitally in real time? The solution: the "Digital Twin".

The solution

To counteract the global lack of transparency in the aerospace supply chain, a unified CRM system is needed. ThyssenKrupp Aerospace chose the cloud-based Dynamics 365 – a system that can visualize information and material flows within the value chain.

The optimal basis for your transparent supply chain

From the highly scalable cloud platform Microsoft Azure to practical collaboration tools and modern CRM – Microsoft offers perfectly matched solutions.

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