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Game description 2weistein: Part 2 – The Lost Wood Bernard, the little hero, left Asban (Part 1) with the first magic item, the Magic Silver Chest. The adventure goes on – soon he will meet the suspicious Elves of the Wood. The Elfish Light is said to be there … But – where …? From the little village to the Clearing of the Elves to the Labyrinth the player arrives in the Mountains of Madness, crosses the Great Elves Sea and finally explores the Elves Hidden Fortress. You have lots of puzzles and tasks to solve, jump and count and fight – a long exciting story awaits for you! About the 2weistein games The unique and fantastic idea behind the series of 2weistein games is to train maths in a real 3D action adventure. Embedded in the tantalizing story the player has to solve maths quests or puzzles to get ahead in the game. Developed by professional game designers in close co-operation with a team of psychologists and teachers. It won several prices in Europe. The Story All was peace and quiet in Asban and the whole land of Trillion – until that day on which the gates remained closed, as if by ghostly hand, and other strange things happened. The mean magician Godron has stolen the book „Mathematica“ from the creator of Trillion, and has cast an evil spell over the city: a ban on mathematics. Godron wants to gain power over the whole land and transform the world according to his will. But there are the brave heroes Bernard and Celestine with their friend 2weistein who want to put a stop to Godron to keep Trillion peaceful and beautiful, and no one is ever to be afraid again! "2weistein – The Lost Wood" is a self-contained episode with new levels, new puzzles, and new challenges from the Action Adventure Learning game „2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon“. It builds its own world.



  • Puzzles and math(s) quests in a real game and great story
  • Action adventure game with math(s) quests
  • High quality 3D graphics and fully animated 3D characters
  • Memorable characters and landscapes
  • Beautiful soundtrack and native speakers
  • 7 Level, playing time about 4 hours, worth to replay many times
  • Playable character: Bernard
  • Written and spoken instructions with lots of encouragement
  • Supports keyboard and USB-controllers
  • Choice between number range: 1-100, 10-1000, 10-10.000
  • Basic mathematic operations and geometry + funny puzzles
  • Helps to control impulsiveness, concentration, attention
  • Action planning
  • Lots of fun
  • Language: English

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Action & adventure

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