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Wish to play Chess like the japanese? You must then play Shogi. Just like western Chess, you win by attacking the opponent's King piece or ensuring the King cannot escape an attack next turn. However, unlike western Chess, the board setup is different and the pieces and their movements are significantly different, giving a very special experience to experienced Chess players from the West, or a familiar challenge to the Japanese. Play against people from around the world, compete, play ranked (to cumulate ELO Rankings) and unranked games for fun. Fast loading and super easy to pick up.



  • Play against real opponents from all over the world.
  • Challenge people online directly with a simple button press.
  • Chat with your opponents, make friends.
  • Choose from Japanese to Westernized piece sets
  • Observe other games being played.
  • View your and other player’s past games.
  • Analyze player styles using an easy history tool.
  • Cumulate your wins, losses and ELO Rankings (ranked games only).
  • View other player's Win/Loss records.
  • Super fast load time.
  • Ranked/unranked games and multiple timer options.
  • Constantly visible move history allows you to revert to previous positions as needed.

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