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Technology Solutions for Healthcare

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Improving health outcomes with better experiences, better insights and better care

Microsoft’s innovative solutions confront today’s biggest health challenges. We empower healthcare and life sciences organisations to embrace digital transformation today, improving health outcomes for tomorrow.

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Health Immersion: Patient at home

Discover how low code and no code technology is accelerating this patient-centred medical home’s ability to coordinate care in a secure environment and simplify complex workflow management.

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Health Immersion: Clinical Care Delivery and Stimulation Skills Development

See how remote and continuous patient monitoring using smart beds, connected medical devices and mixed and augmented reality is transforming patient safety.

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Five tactics to improve security and compliance in healthcare

One in three healthcare organisations have suffered a cyberattack. Learn how to manage and protect the growing volume of personal data you generate and store with a clear security and compliance strategy.

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From patient engagement to personalised care, these innovative solutions have been designed specifically for health care organisations.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Brings together trusted and integrated cloud capabilities to empower care teams, coordinate care, and generate insights that help improve patient outcomes and workflow effectiveness.

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Four Ways to Maximize Your Business Intelligence Investments

Maximize the value of your data investments with guidance from analytics customers that have transformed their business.

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Top 10 applications for how AI can improve healthcare

Discover practical use cases for applying AI and data analytics to make healthcare more efficient while improving clinical quality and health-related outcomes.

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Engaging patients in the digital age

Personalise patient services and improve health outcomes by providing easy access to technology.

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5 things healthcare leaders can do to help their frontline workers

Find out how to support your first line workers in the current climate and improve the patient experience.

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Healthcare Innovation Forum

Realize positive change with the help of AI and machine learning

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See how other healthcare organisations are using technology to improve outcomes

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PathWest dramatically improves transplant outlook

In a world first, scientists in Western Australia are leveraging Microsoft Azure high performance computing to perform high-resolution HLA genotyping at high throughput for unrelated haematopoietic stem cell transplantation donor recruitment, dramatically increasing stem cell donor availability at faster speed and cheaper cost.

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NSW Health Pathology helping transform medical testing and patient care with cloud, data and AI.

NSW Health Pathology has been working on a ground-breaking initiative – using cloud technology and artificial intelligence to allow faster diagnosis and care for patients – no matter where they are.

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Mater prescribes strategic cloud overhaul to maximise impact for 600,000 patients.

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Austin Health speeds COVID-19 comms and collaboration

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Think big picture with AI Business School

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Discover Microsoft Learn

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