Working freely and staying secure requires flexibility

Flexibility is a big part of secure remote access and digital security in your organisation. To meet today’s needs without overwhelming your security team, you need to enhance your cybersecurity capabilities.

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Strengthen your cybersecurity

Built-in security solutions

Remote security that provides more productive experiences.

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  • Microsoft Security helps improve end-user productivity by unifying security across all platforms, providing a frictionless user experience.

  • Enable your employees to work securely from anywhere with security solutions that work behind the scenes to protect sensitive data.

Fully integrated security

Security solutions that work across people, devices, apps and data.

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  • Microsoft security solutions integrate across your ecosystem.

  • Connect identities, devices, apps and clouds to help you close gaps in coverage, reduce risk and simplify your portfolio.

AI and automation

Intelligent security to help secure your future.

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  • Help secure your organisation by using AI to deliver more coverage across your entire environment.


  • Get a complete view of your threat landscape from Windows and Mac to Linux, from iOS to Android, from Azure and AWS to GCP and from Workday and ServiceNow to Salesforce.

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What customers are saying

Organisations are already partnering with Microsoft to help their employees succeed in the new world of flexible work.

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“[We invested] in Microsoft Teams and Surface devices to help ensure people could work from anywhere.”

Lynne Riley, State Treasurer

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“The beauty of Microsoft 365 is that they make it easy to help secure health information and empower care teams…”

David Finkelstein: Chief Information Security Officer

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“Azure Active Directory … orchestrated the response by locking out the user and prompting them to change their password.”

Doug Howell: Director of IT

"With Microsoft 365, we have security and compliance tools … to protect, detect and prevent incidents…”

Lena Taylor, Senior Director of Enterprise Security

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The right security solution can cut through complexity and deliver a seamless user experience so people can get their jobs done.