Universal Print

This cloud-based print solution enables simple, rich, and secure printing experiences, while reducing time and effort for IT.

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Universal Print enables productivity

Streamline the way you manage print

Unblock the move to the cloud and support print for Azure AD users without a complex hybrid print setup. Universal Print eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure, and enables IT to manage printers directly through a centralized portal.

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  • Move to a print setup that’s scalable and easy to configure.

  • Eliminate the need to manage print servers.

  • Enjoy robust management capabilities through the centralized Azure portal.

  • Control print environment and reporting.

  • Gain visibility and insights into your print environment.

Print effortlessly every time

Users enjoy an intuitive printing experience with no learning curve, and can print from anywhere when connected to the internet and authenticated to Azure AD. There’s no need to install printer drivers, and Universal Print’s location-based printing capabilities makes it easy to locate the nearest printer and print right away.

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  • Location-based printing makes it easy for users to locate their nearest printer and print right away.

  • View, add, and print only to printers that user has access to.

  • Search from a large catalog of printers both near and outside of the current location.

  • Eliminate the need to install printer drivers.

  • Print from anywhere when connected to the internet and authenticated to Azure AD.

Protect your documents and data

Control printer access through Azure AD users and security groups. Universal Print protects organizational and personal information through secured connections and handles data in accordance to Microsoft data management guidelines.

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  • Help your organization keep printers and documents secure using Azure AD users and security groups.

  • Print data is stored in the same manner as other Office data, in accordance with Microsoft’s data management guidelines.

  • All communications are protected over secured HTTPs connections.

  • Printers are represented as Azure AD device objects backed by an X.509 certificate.

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